Today's world has an increasing requirement for ecologically compatible technologies that capitalise on available resources, adapting technological and production processes that enable their recovery and reuse at a sustainable cost.

In an industrial setting, the recovery of process water and the regeneration of industrial fluids represent a winning strategy for overcoming issues linked to the environmental and economic management of resources.

Biokavitus™ is a new company within the Metal Work S.p.A industrial group., which provides new cutting-edge technological solutions for treating waste water and industrial fluids by applying the physical principle of cavitation.

The company has chosen to base its mission on sustainability, by continually promoting scientific and technological innovation in partnership with various universities and research departments, pursuing improved productivity and the optimisation of operating costs while safeguarding the environment.


Biokavitus™ uses cavitation techniques to create micro and nano air bubbles in industrial fluids to improve production processes. Biokavitus™ technology makes it possible to:

  • Increase the cleaning power of fluids
  • Reduce the use of detergents
  • Separate extraneous oils from fluids treated
  • Control odours from bacteria
  • Increase the lifetime of emulsion and wash baths
  • Improve cleaning efficiency on hard-to-clean parts
  • Reduce operating temperatures
  • Enable real energy savings
  • Reduce disposal costs

Biokavitus™ equipment is used in all industrial sectors that need to optimise the management of emulsions and industrial wash water.

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Biokavitus™ deals with the entire industrial fluid process and can provide solutions that enable the optimisation of cycles and the recovery of fluids, in addition to treatment prior to disposal.

Biokavitus™ technology is versatile and can be applied to numerous industrial and non-industrial settings. For example, using ozone with Biokavitus™ technology ensures an increased level of sanitisation and reduction in the oxygen requirement, COD and BOD of treated waters.

Biokavitus™ technology is also currently employed in other sectors:

  • The textile industry
  • The treatment of spa waters and wellness industry
  • Farming and aquafarming
  • Washing of fruit and vegetables
  • Fish farming
  • Grape growing and wine making
  • For the treatment of liquid manure from animal breeding

Biokavitus exposed to FILO
22 > 23 February 2017

Corso Magenta 61‎, Milano


Biokavitus exposed to MECSPE
23 > 25 March 2017

Viale delle Esposizioni‎, Parma


Make a green corporate choice!

Optimise your production costs and bring down the amount of waste you need to dispose of.
Try Phoenix and find out how simple it is to regenerate industrial process fluids, as well as excess and refluent water, even from industrial washing machines.

Biokavitus delivers customised solutions on demand for the regeneration of specific emulsions and liquids.

Biokavitus™ in partnership with other selected manufacturers also proposes solutions to the oil separation and filtration.
Oil impurities reduce lubrication efficiency and cause tools to wear. Regenerate the oil and save up to 80% of the costs of maintaining and repairing your machines.