Biokavitus™ uses cavitation techniques to create micro and nano air bubbles in industrial fluids to improve production processes. Biokavitus™ technology makes it possible to:

  • Increase the cleaning power of fluids
  • Reduce the use of detergents
  • Separate extraneous oils from fluids treated
  • Control odors from bacteria
  • Increase the lifetime of emulsion and wash baths
  • Improve cleaning efficiency on hard-to-clean parts
  • Reduce operating temperatures
  • Enable real energy savings
  • Reduce disposal costs

Biokavitus™ equipment is used in all industrial sectors that need to optimize the management of emulsions and industrial wash water.


Biokavitus™ deals with the entire industrial fluid process and can provide solutions that enable the optimization of cycles and the recovery of fluids, in addition to treatment prior to disposal.

Biokavitus™ technology is versatile and can be applied to numerous industrial and non-industrial settings. For example, using ozone with Biokavitus™ technology ensures an increased level of sanitization and reduction in the oxygen requirement, COD and BOD of treated waters.

Biokavitus™ technology is also currently employed in other sectors: